C++ For Artists: The Art, Philosophy, And Science Of Object-Oriented Programming

ISBN: 9781932504026

C++ For Artists: The Art, Philosophy, And Science Of Object-Oriented Programming takes a refreshing and sometimes controversial approach to the complex topic of object-oriented programming and the C++ language. Intended as both a classroom and reference text, C++ For Artists breaks all the molds by being the first book of its kind specifically designed to help readers tap their creative energy to understand and apply difficult programming concepts. C++ For Artists will help you smash through the barriers preventing you from mastering the complexities of object-oriented programming in C++. Start taming complexity now! Read C++ For Artists today – Energize your programming skills for life!

Note: This edition is contains dated material and can be downloaded for free: C++ For Artists

Download the source code: Source_Code.zip

C++ For Artists shows you how to:

  • Supercharge your creative energy by recognizing and utilizing the power of the flow.
  • Quickly master multi-file programming techniques to help tame project complexity.
  • Utilize the Project Approach Strategy to maintain programming project momentum.
  • Use the Student Survival Guide to help tackle any project thrown at you.
  • Learn a development cycle you can actually use at work.
  • Apply real-world programming techniques to produce professional code.
  • Master the complexities of ad-hoc, static, and dynamic polymorphism.
  • Learn how to call C and C++ routines from Java programs using the Java Native Interface (JNI
  • Learn how to incorporate assembly language routines in your C++ code.
  • Master three object-oriented design principles that will greatly improve your software architectures.
  • Painlessly conquer pointers and references with the help of C++ Man.
  • Reinforce your learning with the help of chapter learning objectives, skill building exercises, suggested projects, and self test questions.
  • All code examples were compiled and executed before being used in the textbook to guarantee quality