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Introduction to Methods

What Is A Method? A method is a block of code this is accessible by name. All statements executed within a C# program run within the context of a method. Every C# program needs, at the very least, one method named Main().  (The name of the method is "Main"...
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C# Programming – Static Fields/Properties vs. Instance Fields/Properties

Classes and structures can contain, among other types of members, fields and properties. In this post I'll focus on field and property members and explain the difference between instance fields/properties and static fields/properties. Before reading further here's a...
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Creating Complex Solutions in Visual Studio – Part II: Logging

Complex applications need more than simple Console.WriteLine() statements sprinkled about the code to record application state for debugging and diagnostics purposes. That's a job for logging packages. In this post, I'll explain how to integrate logging into a complex...
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Creating Complex Solutions in Visual Studio – Part I: Setup

To create anything other than trivial programs you'll need to structure and organize your Visual Studio solution in a way that enables separation of concerns. In this post I'll show you how to create a complex Visual Studio solution consisting of multiple sub-projects...
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Compiling C# Programs From The Command-Line

You don't need Visual Studio for simple C# projects. Everything you need is included when you install the .NET Framework, except a decent text editor. (I highly recommend Notepad++) To get started, you'll need to install the .NET Framework, if you haven't already done...
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Persisting C#.NET Application Settings to Config Files

In an earlier blog post I explained how to populate a Windows forms ComboBox with settings stored in an App.config file. It's easy to read settings from an App.config file and it's just as easy to save application settings to configuration files as well. You'll need...
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Windows Forms ComboBoxes: Populating Items via App.Config Settings

A ComboBox control allows you to make a selection from a dropdown list of choices. You can populate a ComboBox from a variety of sources including static initialization in the code or fetching the items dynamically from a database just to name a few. These methods...
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